Oil Absorbents

Oil Absorbents

Oil only absorbent doesn't soak up water

The Spilltech oil absorbents listed in the directory at the left or below are oil-only type, which means they won't soak up water based liquids, just hydrocarbon based fluids.

The oil only absorbents are sorted by quality / price which each type has different qualities to assist in your clean up. To learn more about the different types of absorbents, go to our main page "ABSORBENTS"

Our prices for oil absorbents are about half price of buying at the marine store, hardware store or fuel dock. We sell a premium Spilltech sorbent pad delivered to your door at a savings.

These absorbents will help you comply with 33 CFR 154.1047(c)(2) 40 CFR 112.7(c)(1), 40 CFR 122.26 and 40 CFR 263.31.

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