Survivor Camo Absorbents

Survivor Camo Absorbents

Survivor Pads and Rolls will soak up both petroleum and water based liquids. These universal absorbents are camouflage on one side and gray on the other. Why did they make them look camouflauge? Military of course, but the other reason is that drips from machinery doesn't show up as well and they will stay on the floor longer doing the job. A plain color absorbent will get picked up sooner.

This absorbent is a SpillTech exclusive. The construction of this absorbent combines the best of different technologies to make an absorbent good for high traffic with a camouflage covering to hide the absorbed liquids - thus users will leave it in place much longer.

Camo absorbent pad are not just cool, they are a high quality absorbent

  • SpunBond cover for wiping or foot traffic trapping the meltblown material inside.
  • Meltblown layer to quickly absorb spills.
  • Fine fiber underlayment makes it very strong and the small strands will grip the floor better for safer walking.

Survivor Camouflage absorbents from Spilltech are not just cool, they are a top end quality absorbent that has many uses.

*Absorbents will ship from one of the following warehouses. Alabama, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Seattle-Washington or Texas.

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