Where is Dutch Harbor Alaska and why does The Buying Network sell its products there? 

Where is The Buying Network office? 

Our offices are located in Seattle Washington, however, we have different stocking locations across the country. For example, absorbents are stocked in five different locations across the US for speedy shipment.

I want to order Wesmar chemicals online, why are they not listed for sale?

Wesmar chemicals are blended for The Buying Network in Seattle. Due to the hazardous nature of some of the cleaners, they cannot be shipped via UPS or other postal type carriers. If you are interested in the Wesmar line of products, please contact us at info@thebuyingnetwork.com

Why can't I get Drew Marine chemicals from The Buying Network outside of Alaska, Oregon or Washington?

The Buying Network is a authorized distributor of Drew Marine in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in the fishing and seafood processor sector and are the exclusive distributor for these businesses. If your ship leaves the area, we can deliver to them anywhere in the world that Drew Marine has a warehouse.  If you are outside our area please contact them at DMDUSA@drew-marine.com