Atlas Showa Best Gloves

Atlas Gloves are the industry standard heavy duty glove in the commercial fishing and seafood processing business.

If you have seen the crew on Deadliest Catch wearing the orange rubber gloves on deck, they are the 620 gloves. There are thousands of workers in the Alaskan fish trade wearing these orange gloves every day. Some crews wear the blue ones, which are the 660 gloves, if they don't need the feel but want more wear resistance. They are a little thicker than the 620's.

We also have the most popular box handling gloves on our site.

Showa has manufactured the Atlas Fit glove since introduction in 1994 but now is moving away from the Atlas branding in favor of their company name Showa. You may receive both Atlas or Showa branded gloves during their phase out of the Atlas name. They are the same great glove, just a different name on the back.

Atlas Showa Best Work Gloves
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