Gray Water - GT 3000

Gray Water - GT 3000

Biotal GT 3000 is custom-designed for use in galley sinks, scuppers and associated pipework.

Biotal GT 3000 contains specially selected bacterial cultures with high enzyme production for rapid breakdown of food wastes. These particular strains are proven to degrade a wide range of fats and greases completely down to carbon dioxide and water.

The eco-benign® chemistry present in Biotal GT 3000 enhances the action of the bacteria and the very high bacteria specification provides maximum effectiveness in this tough environment.

The bacteria present in the product will form a bio-film on the inside of the pipes which provides protection against extremes of temperature and pH, the system is therefore operating constantly in a wide range of pH and temperature environments

Biotal GT 3000 has a long product shelf-life and is designed for automatic dosing so results are achieved with minimum engineer input.



  • Reduces the requirement and frequency of mechanical treatment to unblock drains due to grease build-up
  • Provides rapid control of odors from the drains within the galley
  • Non-caustic and non-corrosive
  • If grey water is being treated in a sewage treatment plant, grease is partially degraded by the time it reaches the plant, reducing the potential for system overload
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