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defender-gangway.jpgThe Buying Network has custom designed commercial grade gangway ramps for your ship, barge, fishing vessel, USCG Cutter or float. We supply these to the US Coast Guard, so you are assured that you are getting a quality gangway or brow.

Our gangway ramps are designed of a truss style construction that maximizes strength and eliminates bounce that you have felt walking on less quality ships brow. Box tubing and frame create a very strong gang way without adding weight. All aluminum construction means no maintenance cost and lightweight for the crew to handle.

We install aluminum Grip Strut grating on the deck surface to give you solid footing in snow, mud or generally slippery areas, allowing for steep angles without steps.

We do not cut cost to create flimsy ramps like many manufactures. All designs meet or exceed the standards of the International Building Code, Uniform Building Code and Aluminum Association Design Manual. All the welders are certified to the American Welders Society standards. The crew has 30 years experience building gangways.

Transition plates, connection to the vessel and roller selection are per application.

We even have telescopic gangways that compresses to almost half their total length for those difficult to store applications. If you need a turntable to allow your gangway to be used at different angles, we can accommodate that.

Each gangway is custom made per project allowing for special attachments, Produced in the Pacific Northwest and shipped throughout the USA.
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