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You may call it Rain gear, Rainwear, Foul Weather gear or Oilskins, it's the same thing; Clothing you wear to keep you dry and we have different grades to choose from. If you are looking for high quality industrial or commercial grade rain wear, we've got it. You won't see fancy breathable fabrics or other gimmicks in our bibs and jackets.

This is 100% waterproof work wear. We selected these brands of rainwear for our commercial fisherman and seafood processor customers. This is the right stuff if you are working in road construction, building, forestry or timber harvesting, farming or shipyards. You can be wearing the same waterproof clothing as seen on the Discovery Channel program, Deadliest Catch.

f/t Golden Alaska

The Pro Rainer brand changed most of their line and what we have left will be discounted by 15% in your shopping cart.

We have teamed up with Viking Gear to replace the Pro Rainer line for now.

This rainwear is worn by commercial fisherman and seafood processing plants in Alaska so you know its tough. Not that junk you find in the local hardware store.

You might be wondering about all this talk of wearing this gear on ships and the seafood business and what is different about it from what road crews, construction workers or other outdoor workers wear. Nothing, it is the same rainwear and much of this brand is sold to other industries, we just know the harsh marine industry.

If you are a commercial user, we offer discounts on quantities of 12 or more pieces. Just drop us a line via email or give us a call. Rain gear ships from our warehouse in the known capital of wet, Seattle Washington.

Get your rain gear ready for next time.

A quick tip, when you remove your rain gear and hang it up, turn it inside out so the interior can dry more quickly. You will get some moisture inside as commercial rain gear doesn't breath. The natural evaporation from your body will make the gear get damp over time. So during lunch breaks, or overnight, help it dry quickly by turning it inside out. This will make it much more enjoyable to wear next time.

How to keep dry in the extreme weather.

Have you seen the Discovery Channel's program the Deadliest Catch and wondered how they keep dry when waves are crashing across the deck of the ship? There are some simple tricks that can be used to help you too. Like when you are on your knees working in the rain and the water wants to run up your leg and get the inside of your rain gear wet.
You might have noticed this little trick on TV. Just use some electrical tape and take a few wraps around your rain gear at your ankle (after you have put your boots on). This makes a smaller opening for the water to run in. That is why so many commercial fisherman use this trick. It is easy to remove and quick to apply.
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