Engine Room - Ecoclean 3000

Engine Room - Ecoclean 3000

Biotal Ecoclean 3000

Biotal Ecoclean 3000 is an aqueous, water dilutable, non-solvent formula which is highly effective against a wide range of hydrocarbon soils but also quick-breaking in the bilge or oily waste tank.

All components of Biotal Ecoclean 3000 are highly bio-degradable and the product does not contain VOCs, solvents or phosphates.

Biotal Ecoclean 3000 contains bacterial strains which have been specifically selected for their ability to biodegrade the surfactants that stabilize oil in water emulsions, and also hydrocarbons.


  • Removes oils, grease and other hydrocarbon soiling from surfaces
  • 'Clean and break' technology means product is highly bilge friendly
  • Economical benefit by helping OWS to function well, thereby reducing volume of oily waste requiring disposal
  • Does not interfere with operation of oily water monitors

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