L44 Degreaser

L44 Degreaser

L-44 was a project to produce a better degreaser without the harmful chemicals normally associated with those cleaners. The manufacture Custom Compounders Inc. (CCI) partnered with the EPA and the Safer Choice program back in 2009 to get the product registered after field testing and changes to the formulas prior to 2009. What really does Safer Choice mean? The program requires that every ingredient and its manufacture be disclosed to the agency and be tested for ocular, skin and respiratory safety as well safety to the environment. NSF International test each of the products for the safety previously mentioned. In addition to the safety portion of this, the product is then subject to ASTM certification for effectiveness against other cleaners that do not meet the Safer Choice program criteria. What does this tell us, that the cleaner must perform as well or better than its hazardous peers.

The first product was the L44 SSC which was a deck and house wash product. These cleaners were entering the waterways and and needed approval for direct release into the environment. They gained this approval and this staple product is the backbone to the line of products current produced or in the testing mode.

L-44 ECD (Environmentally Conscious Degreaser) came about as the engine room needed a cleaner that met the same Safer Choice requirements as the deck cleaner. The new formula for heavy soils was again tested in the marine industry for some time before being registered with the EPA. While some users didn't like the clear nature of the L44 ECD cleaner because it made it more difficult for seeing if it was mixed or just water in the pump up sprayers. This was a requirement because non of the chemical dyes were approved by the EPA.

L-44 ECDB was the next logical product in the line up. The "B" stands for blue. The product was dyed with a NSF and EPA approved colorant. This excellent degreaser is the same as the "ECD" and meets the Safer Choice standards and is registered. The product is approved by Ford Motor Company and General Motors for use in production facilities and has been shown to out perform another so called Green cleaner and for much less money.

L-44 OSD Is a quick breaking degreaser that has been tested against many other "quick breaking degreasers" for performance through the IMO and ASTM standards. The ingredients in this formulation have been selected to meet the requirements of the Safer Choice program and has been approved by the EPA for direct release into the waterway. Part of the registration of Safer Choice is that the degreaser has to perform equal or better than its competitive products that contain hazardous ingredients.


  • Recognized for safer chemistry by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Recognized by EPA's Safer Choice Program as safer for the worker and the environment


  • Partnership Agreement with the "U.S. EPA's Safer Choice Program"
  • Approved for the use of the "U.S. EPA/Safer Choice Label"

Environmental Achievements:

  • NSF International Approved Toxicology Profile as Pertains to our Environment
  • NSF Approved Toxicology Profile for the Concerns of Human Health
  • No Phosphates or Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Will not degrade air quality

Worker Exposure Concerns:

  • Health Canada, Determination of Alkali Reserve, C-14.2; not corrosive to skin

Performance Testing Certifications:

  • ASTM D4488-A5; Excellent Performance
  • ASTM D4488-A6; Excellent Performance
  • CSPA DCC-17; Excellent Performance
  • ASTM G31-72 NACE Standard Corrosion Tests; "Not corrosive to Metals"

Dept of Transportation (DOT)

  • Not Corrosive
  • Not Regulated
  • No Hazmat shipping fees

To learn more about L-44 please visit them at www.l44ecd.com
Would you like to check out the EPA Safer Choice program? Visit them at www.epa.gov/saferchoice/products then type L-44 in the product search bar and then scroll down the page.

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