Fleetguard Oil Filters

Fleetguard Oil Filters

Fleetguard filters by Cummins Filtration has lead the industry by its research and development of the combinations full flow by-pass filter.

Using its StrataPoretm multi layer Media this increased dirt holding capacity in the absolute micron media, then adding the stacked disk media in the same canister, filtration down to 1 micron is performed all in one filter. This increases engine life, extends service intervals, increased engine uptime, decreased maintenance cost, reduced disposal cost.

Cummins Filtration (Fleet Guard) then took the technology one step further and added a Venturitm Combo System to the filter. This allows the Fleetguard filter to perform up to four times as long and remove up to three times the contaminants as a full synthetic filter.

Even if you select a traditional pleated filter, Fleetguard's patented media will hold four to five times the amount of dirt as the competitors. This can reduce drain intervals putting your engine in service longer and saving you money.

More Than 7,000 Part Numbers

With more than 7,000 part numbers, Cummins Filtration has the widest product coverage in the market. We have listed only a few of the very popular marine lube filters

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