Cover Guard Temporary Floor Covering

Cover Guard floor and surface protection products were developed for industrial use in the naval, cruise, ferry, luxury yacht, offshore and shipyard industries to protect floors and other surfaces during repair periods. The tradition of using of fiberboard or cardboard to protect floors and other surfaces had many drawbacks. From the extreme fire danger to a short life due to traffic or weather, there was a need for a better product.

Coverguard is extremely durable, tough and tear resistant providing protection against impact or markings. It is resistant to most chemicals, paints and is waterproof. It is manufactured from a blend of low density polyethylene flame retardant, ultraviolet, anti-static and pigment additives. Installation is quick and easy. It may be cut with scissors or a knife and simply tapped into place. The product is very easy to clean and is re-usable.

The embossed diamond deck plate pattern offers a non-slip surface for the crew.

There are many different products and grades in the Cover Guard line, however, at the we stock the most commonly requested "blue flooring" used in the maritime industry. It is also available in 13mil x 72" wide rolls as well 40 mil thick x 36" rolls. They also manufacture smooth surface rolls that are commonly used on walls and other surfaces. Our customers use it aboard fishing vessels, processing plants and shipyards working on many different vessels including the US Coast Guard and Navy.

All CoverGuard products have been subjected to the small flame test, large flame test , toxic gas emission test and oxygen index. Based on the results Cover Guard has been recommended/approved by many recognized international organizations and test laboratories. A partial list of approvals show the exhaustive work put into these products.

Lloyd Register of Shipping
Det Norske Vertias
Bureau Veritas
Offshore Certification Bureau LTD
Marine Safety Agency
Ministry of Defence
National Fire Protection Association
701 Standard
Navsea and Supship approved.
Coverguard flame test.jpg
Cover guard® undergoing large flame test to BS5852 Crib 7, courtesy of Warrington Fire Research Centre, UK.

BRE Testing:
LPS 1207
Selected samples from the Coverguard range of temporary protective coverings have been subjected to a series of tests utilising the test methodology contained in LPS 1207: Issue 2:2003 by BRE.
CG 1036/72 DP: Report No: 218078 Rev 1: Date: 28.07.04
CG 1336/72 DP: Report No: 218079 Rev 1: Date: 28.07.04
CG 2536/72 DP: Report No: 219540: Date: 16.11.04
CG 4036/72 DP: Report No: 224625 Rev 1: Date: 17.10.05
Satisfies LPS 1207
Small flame test to BS 476, Part 12 1991
Large flame test to BS 5852, crib no. 7
Smoke emission EN2825
Toxic Gas emission EN2826
Oxygen index BS2782,
(Part 1 method 141 1986)
(ISO 4589-1984)
The test report does not imply approval or certification and the test results only relate to the items tested and not necessarily to the product brought to market.
Warrington Fire Research:
IMO Resolution A.471 (XII) as amended by resolution IMO res. A652 (14)
CG1336/72DP- WARRES No: 302358 - 05.07.01
CG2536/72DP- WARRES No: 302360 - 05.07.01
CG4036/72DP- WARRES No: 302362 - 05.07.01
A653 floor covering, bulkheads and ceilings.
A563-14 (superseded A471) vertical flame test textiles.
FAR Part 25: Appendix F, Part (4) "Vertical Test"
CG1336/72DP- WARRES No: 302407 - 21.07.01
CG2536/72DP- WARRES No: 302409 - 21.07.01
CG4036/72DP- WARRES No: 302411 - 21.07.01
French M1 Standard
CG2536/72 DP - Certificate No: 12359-05 Date: 30.06.05
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