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Wesmar Chemical

The Buying Network, Inc.
has partnered with Seattle-based Wesmar Company, Inc. to blend specialty cleaning and sanitation products for the seafood industry. 
Since 1968, Wesmar has been manufacturing cleaning, sanitizing and water treatment compounds for food processing and industrial plants. 
Working together we have formulated a line of NSF Certified cleaning and sanitation products that have been proven successful in both the shore side seafood processing facilities in Alaska (throughout SE & SW, Alaska), Washington & Oregon as well as the offshore seafood processing fleet based in Seattle.  By obtaining NSF Certification, we insure that our customers are in compliance with food processing standards and/or regulations.
Below is a list of our main products.  The NSF Certified category rating (where applicable) is listed to the right of each product.  An explanation of the NSF Certified category ratings can be found in the Quick Reference Guide - NSF Non-Food Categories link above.  Copies of the associated NSF Certification documentation for those products with a category rating can also be found in the links above.
If you are using chemicals like Super Red, Super Red Plus, Foam Chlor, Bio-Sol Concentrate, I-O Clean, Foam Out, Harbor Master, All Bright, Aluma Bright or many others, we have a direct equal or better.  Contact us for more information.  We have about another hundred formulations to meet a specific cleaning need you may have.  Please contact us for more information.
**Product literature, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and pricing will be provided upon request**

Wesmar Product Use NSF Certification
RED HOT Foaming Strong Alkaline Cleaner A-1  
BIG RED Foaming Alkaline Cleaner A-1  
FRM63CS+ Chlorinated foaming cleaner, alum safe A-1  
Chlor Foam Chlorinated foaming cleaner A-1  
Chlor Cleanse CIP cleaner (no foam) A-1  
Chlor Kleen 16 Powdered chlorine cleaner A-1  
Defy Protein and Mineral deposit remover A-3  
Sanite 75 Quat Sanitizer, surface or boot dip D-2  
Q-San Quat Sanitizer (7.5%), or glove dip E-3  
Hal-O-San Iodine Sanitizer, glove dip, boot dip D-2, E-3  
Han-San Iodine Sanitizer hand soap    
Chlor San-16 Powdered chlorine sanitizer D-2, Q-4  
Formula EWR Liquid Enzyme for drains & sumps    
Odor Eliminator Enzyme with Deodorant    
D-Foam Food contact defoamer, Crab defoamer    
D-Foam 325 Food contact defoamer, Crab defoamer    
Whizz SP HD Laundry detergent B-1  
Subdue Laundry additive (grease break)    
Dry Bleach Dry laundry bleach 16%    
Lift Off SG Green cleaner    
OvenClean Carbon and grease remover w/o fumes    
Grime Master Citrus solvent degreaser    
Grime Master Spray Citrus spray solvent    
4-Way Helper Moisture displacer/penetrant    
Detsol 725MC General degreaser    
Defy Deposit remover for Alum. & Stainless    
Stone Remover Cooker cleaner    
All Brite Aluminum brightener and rust stain remover    
Aluma Bright Aluminum brightener and rust stain remover    
Rust Away - W Rust remover / converter from paint    
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